Smart Abdominal Belt - Gorilla Workouts
Smart Abdominal Belt - Gorilla Workouts
Smart Abdominal Belt - Gorilla Workouts
Gorilla Workouts

Smart Abdominal Belt

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Define your core muscles with the help of this Smart Abdominal Belt. This smart belt releases electromagnetic pulses that help define and strengthen your abdominal muscles. It is painless and comfortable to wear. Choose from its several modes of strength with its easy to use digital control pad. Best use for workouts at the gym, outdoors, or in the house.


Multipurpose and Functional: This Abdominal Belt helps your muscles maintain their strength and balance. It prevents over-fatigue, tightness, and paralysis in the abdomen and back area.

Easy to use and Understand: Its digital controller is rechargeable and very easy to understand. You can easily utilize this device whenever you want. It also has a slow fat-burning function that when used constantly, will give visible results in just a few weeks!

Instructions on how to use:

Simply fit and secure this belt on your abdomen and choose among the several modes available according to your preference. Use for 30 minutes, once a day to see the best results in a few weeks.

Material: PU Leather & ASS Resin
Size: 60x10.5cm

Package Includes:

1 x Abdominal Sticker

1 x Charging Cable