Digital Tally Counter - Gorilla Workouts
Digital Tally Counter - Gorilla Workouts
Digital Tally Counter - Gorilla Workouts
Gorilla Workouts

Digital Tally Counter

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Our Digital Tally Counter is simple to use. Simply push the on button and begin counting. It can count up to 9999 times, simply reset it to count again. This battery-powered device is compact and waterproof, can be used in wet sports or training. It has a dedicated neck loop for easier access. 


Multipurpose Device: This multipurpose device can be used for various sports like basketball, badminton, football, etc., and can also be used for item counting or personnel counting.

Compact Gear: This digital counter is lightweight, compact, and very easy to utilize. You can hang it anywhere or on your neck for easier access and usage. Its buttons are soft and easy to control. The device itself has a low power consumption which saves a lot of money and time.


Weight: 30g
Material: ABS Plastic
Max count: 0-9999

Package Includes:

1 x Digital Tally Counter


1pc 0-9999 Digital Tally Counter Black ABS Tally Counter Electronic Manual Clicker Security Running For Golf Gym

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