Welcome to GorillaWorkouts!

Simone Zini

Founder, CEO

Our mission

Promote a Wellness lifestyle. Well-being understood as the pursuit of a better quality of life. A life-style in which physical activity is the main means to remain in good physical and mental health, to achieve happiness.

Our vision

I want to help you live in a Wellness society where the body is used with awareness, as a life project. We will provide you with everything you need with our products by your side! We have included a Blog where you can find nutrition advice, new outdoor workouts, and much more! Continuously updated by me personally.

It is not just the physical experience itself as important as the qualities of the sensations the body receives during performance. These sensations must be intense, exciting, fascinating and enchanting.

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Gorilla workout products are just the best. They give me a full body workout from the comfort and convenience of my home. You can tell they are of high quality and will last a lifetime.

Alex Martin

I’m really happy with the overal experience with GW. The product I received are of great quality and were shipped in a very timely manner. I had some questions on how to use a certain product and the customer service team were very quick and helpful at addressing them.

Sarah Grady